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if you're notre dame. >> dan: michigan the notre dame opponent next week. getting the victory over western michigan. they are down to south florida, at the 30 on second and 12. murray gets across the 35 yard line. >> mike: harrison smith with the stop but a flag comes in. >> mike: i think we've got an unsportsmanlike. >> referee: after the play was over, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, number 90 on the defense. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> dan: ethan johnson. that's killer. >> mike: you want to talk about just continuing to hurt yourself, here's ethan right there. why jump on him there? he's down. i mean that's losing your composure. instead of a third down situation where you've got a chance to get the football back, they're now on your 48 yard line with a first down. >> dan: that's a senior, a guy that's played in now his 39th game here at notre dame with a penalty. how many penalties have there been on notre dame today? with that it moves the ball into notre dame territory at the 48. south florida with a first and ten. they'll keep it on the ground to murray who makes h
somewhere in the pacific early saturday morning. >>> in wisconsin, folks near lake michigan had a rare sighting of their own this weekend. time lapsed video shows a waterspout spinning over the surface of the lake near milwaukee. fortunately, the only tornados spotted were the ones that form over water. >>> finally, a sight that could put your stomach in a tailspin this weekend. the seventh annual world tamale eating championship was held in texas. the defending champ reclaimed its title by scarfing down a nauseating 67 tamales in just 12 minutes. oh, the feat earned him $1,500. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is meteorologist todd santos with the weather channel forecast. >> thanks. it would have to add a fewore zeros. let's check out the forecast for a few areas in the southwest. we might start to talk about tropical moisture getting into the forecast. hurricane hillary a pretty formidable system out there. it is a tight woven major hurricane. category 3 storm. i mention it because of what may happen by midweek. not affecting anybody as a major storm bu
house seat, a troubling sign for president obama. >>> the great escape. a michigan suspect manages to slip out of handcuffs and through a police cruiser's window. >>> a collision course. a bus driver tries to beat a train, causing a deadly wreck in a bus driver tries to beat a train, causing a deadly wreck in argentina. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation inclueing viewers in the pacific time zone. i'm vinita nair. today we begin with a major gop victory. republicans have scored an upset in a house race that is being called a referendum on the president's handling of the economy. last night retired media executive and political newcomer, bob turner, narrowly defeated david weprin, according to the associated press. democrats outnumber republicans three to one in new york's ninth congressional district, which hasn't sent a republican to congress in nearly 90 years. turner replaces congressman anthony weiner, a seven-term democrat who resigned in the wake of a sexting scandal in june. in nevada, former rep
at it for yourself. it is time-lapse images of a waterspout over lake michigan. that's outside of milwaukee. several waterspouts were spotted over lake michigan yesterday. the lake is about a mile away from marquette university. waterspouts are usually seen in the florida region. they were essentially tornados that develop over water.clearly tornados are over land. rob was watching this closely. >>> diana continues her quest this morning to swim. as of right now, the 62-year-old marathon swimmer completed 49 miles of that 103-mile swim. she was out of the water briefly yesterday to board a boat to treat jelly fish stings. she can still pursue her record because she was not resting on the boat. she already has been in the water longer than her last attempt, which happened in august. her swim overnight was a key test to completing that swim, which she hopes to do monday morning on the florida coast. >>> well, there's something really big going on in san francisco. the city is hosting the 47th annual big book sale. organizers say it is the largest sale of its kind on the west coast. all books cost $1.
and the politics of the economy. joining us, former democratic governor of michigan jennifer granholm. republican strategist alex castellanos. white house correspondent for "the new york times." helene cooper. senior political analyst for "time" magazine, mark halperin. >>> good morning. after weeks of taking his case on the road and urging congress to pass his jobs bill tomorrow the president will lay out his plan to reduce the deficit. "the new york times" reporting this morning that president obama will call for a new minimum tax rate for millionaires and will dub the proposal the buffett rule in reference to billionaire warren buffett who has advocated that the superrich should pay their fair share taxes. what are the prospects among republicans? what sort of plan is realistic in the midst of this election cycle. here with us for two live interviews, the republican leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell, and former president of the united states, bill clinton. leader mcconnell, let me start with you and ask you whether this president's plan on a million nash's tax rate is something that you co
will it affect his re-election chance? our roundtable weighs in. former michigan governor jennifer granholm, and republican strategist alex castellanos. also here, helene cooper of "the new york times." and "time" magazine's mark halperin. after this brief commercial break. [ kristy ] my mom is well...weird. she won't eat eggs without hot sauce. she has kind of funny looking toes. she's always touching my hair. and she does this dancing finger thing. [ male announcer ] with advanced technology from ge, now doctors can diagnose diseases like breast cancer on a cellular level. so that women, like kristy's mom, can get personalized treatment that's as unique as she is. [ kristy ] she's definitely not like other moms. yeah, my mom is pretty weird. ♪ the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart
jim grout. we're a very small farming community in michigan. >> the best beans you can get. >> we're not as big as new york, but we're still just as proud to be part of the fire service. being here today, put a lot of perspective on their job as well as ours. it's gut wrenching. speechless. >> i was 6 years old and a teacher came in to talk to our teacher and she told her to turn on the television. and i remember seeing smoke coming up and it just didn't seem real. it seemed like a video game or something. >> i'm cecilia warren beavers. it's an honor to have it here, it reflects who we are and what we live for, truly. the freedom that we have, and how we have to keep fighting for it. i'm jasmine ortiz. to have a part of what happened in history that will always be remembered is important to us. >> it's history. i'm captain at the fremont fire department. we deployed 11 days after the incident. >> that at the time was 4-year-old chocolate lab, the hardest part for me was the families asking us to look for their loved ones. stuffing pictures of their loved ones in our gear. as we ar
waves of rain from lake michigan east to the atlantic ocean. our friends the forecasters at the weather channel tell us after being parked like a car tire for a week now, it will finally be pushed out by the first big real cold air mass of the season from our neighbors to the north. >>> bank of america announced today it will start charging customers a $5 a month fee to use a debit card. the new financial reform law lowered the amount banks get each time a debit card is swiped at a store. banks are having trouble because interest rates are low and so is demand for loans. the fee will not apply if the card is only used to get cash from an atm and not for purchases. >>> there are fascinating numbers out tonight from the brand new census. they tell us a lot about who we are and how much life in america has changed in just the space of one generation including what we all look like these days. nbc's tom costello has our report. >> reporter: the latest snapshot of america shows a population that is quickly becoming much more multi racial with the percentage of nonhispanic whites declining in
at the straw poll. instead going to his birthplace of michigan. >> i bet you remember my dad, don't you? >> i do. >> reporter: in the wake of today's surprise, analysts say romney is clearly the frontrunner. >> not open to your average political june key. >> reporter: a wild card in the race, more washington dysfunction, even as disaster victims still struggle to recover. the agency that aids them, fema, is now caught in a partisan funding fight. unless congress can agree, funds run out at midweek with a larger governmentwide shutdown looming friday. analysts say the gridlock could be a problem for the republican party next year. >> can they take independent voters away from president obama and win the white house in the fall of 2010. >> reporter: as we said, cain didn't just win. he rolled over everyone beating his nearest competitor by 23 points. rick perry had 15%. mitt romney at 14%. it's a real head-scratcher. one interpretation we're already getting is this demonstrates the desire on the part of the gop electorate for another candidate, a third candidate besides perry and romney to get
and power. but with crews now here from colorado, michigan, iowa and north carolina, they hope they can get the lights back on much sooner, brian? >> and just one state out of 11 states still dealing with outages tonight. anne thompson, ridgefield, connecticut. >>> and as we track the new threat out over the atlantic, katia has strengthened overnight. into a full blown hurricane, but tonight, the storm has been downgraded again to a tropical storm. and again tonight, it still too early according to forecasters to tell when, where or if katia will impact the u.s. or if it will hook a right turn and go back out to sea as we're hoping. but there is a more imdiate threat, sadly. there's a weather system churning tonight over the gulf oflfexico, and it's looking likely it will become a tropical depression or perhaps a tropical storm over the next 24 hours. that could mean heavy rain for days. most important, most immediately this evening, they're already evacuating offshe oil rigs in the gulf of mexico and of coursf we are greatly concerned over new orleans, just days after the sixth anniversary
the motive, but they have not yet revealed it. >>> michigan governor rick snyder has signed into law a controversial four-year lifetime limit on cash welfare benefits. advocates for the poor warn that tens of thousands including nearly 30,000 children will be without cash assistance starting october 1st. the republican governor says there will be exemptions including for those who are disabled and can't work. >>> there may be light at the tunnel or end of the tunnel for air travelers. homeland security secretary janet napolitano said that you will be able to keep your shoes on when passing through airport security. no specific date was given. she added that restrictions on carrying liquid will continue for some time. >>> and in poland residents are cleaning up from a storm that brought massive chunks of hail. the hailstones shattered windows and damaged over 100 houses. >>> and now here's an early look at one of your top health headlines on a new study suggests if taken early in pregnancy, calming -- common anti-inflammatory drugs such as abu profen and naproxen may increa
with the front end dangling. the driver was unhurt and a cause has yet to be determined. >>> police in michigan suspect a crash that ended the lives of two people was due to drag racing. the two people killed were passengers inside a truck that smashed into a building. the driver survived and is expected to be charged in connection with the deaths. >>> big one that got away is a fishing story one florida teen will not have to tell. look at that. with the help of a friend, the 19-year-old captured a 12-foot long 300 -pound alligator. he was able to reel in the massive animal by pulling it on his boat with a fishing rod and killing it with a 44 caliber bang stick and harpoon. >>> and finally, the 25th annual harvest and herb festival is getting a lot of attention with a competitive event. it's the pumpkin chunkin' competition. they use a medieval apparatus to launch pumpkins and the team able to launch the furthest wins. now for a look at your national and regional weather let's check in with ryan phillips. i'm from ohio. i know how the state fairs go. >> who needs a contraption and what do you w
. >>> here's a look at some other stories making headlines today. police say a michigan attorney and his two sons are lucky to be alive after a bomb exploded in their car tuesday evening. the three managed to escape the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in the explosion. the man was reportedly released from the hospital. his 11 and 13-year-old sons were last listed in critical condition. >>> in new jersey, newly released surveillance video shows an suv smashing into a jewelry store back in july. a quick-thinking customer pulled the driver's foot off the gas, turned off the ignition and wrapped the injured driver's hand in a tourniquet. thankfully, no one was seriously injured. >>> wildlife officials in colorado are warning residents to lock up their trash at night. that's due to the unusual number of dumpster-diving bears. apparently a drought in southeastern parts of the state has the hungry animals on a desperate search for food before hibernation. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, he
news "early today" in america. a michigan man is relying on surveillance video in his suit against two police officers who escorted him out of a casino. the video shows one cop punched the man in the face, knocking him to the ground where he continues punching him. assault charges initially filed by the officers were later dropped after the prosecutor viewed the tape. >>> in texas firefighters >>> an underground gas leak set a road on fire in northern california last night. firefighters were called to the scene after a four-inch gas line set a major intersection ablaze, forcing traffic to be redirected and several nearby businesses to evacuate. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >>> and finally, a controversial costume has stirred up hard feelings in florida. the ice cream cone costume was meant to draw customers to a newly opened store, but from a distance, some locals thought the cone looked like a klu klux klan hood. the young shop owner had never heard of the kkk. they had since retired the costume and they hope the community will be understanding. >>> now for a look at y
as a hero after security cameras captured the late-night robbery attempt at a michigan walgreen. the gunman jumped the counter and pointed at hoven but the gun did not go off. hoeven pointed his own gun trying to call 911. >> i feared for my life. in self-defense i fired my weapon as i continued to move from him. >> no life was lost. no life was harmed. nothing was stolen. so in that context, i think he was a hero. >> it's a remarkable story. hoeven bought his gun after the store was robbed in 2007. he has a concealed weapons permit but did not inform his supervisor and that's part of the reason walgreens says they fired him saying employees receive comprehensive training on how to respond to potential robbery situations. hoeven is suing for wrongful termination. >>> developing stories overseas. at least 75 are dead in the aftermath of a fiery explosion in kenya. officials say more than 100 people suffered severe burns in today's blast in a poor area of nairobi. investigators say a fuel line exploded after a gas tank spilled fuel into an open sewer flowing through the slum. one witness clai
'm president. >> reporter: both romney and perry moved on to michigan, which is holding its own straw poll on sunday. in florida, michele bachmann needed to show she is still a top-tier candidate. >> i have no doubt that president obama will be a one-term president. >> reporter: and for the others, florida is a fight for survival. >> barack obama has been the best food-stamp president in american history. >> this is the most important election in your lifetime. >> reporter: the trail to 2012, getting shorter but not easier. brian mooar, nbc news. >>> and here in the bay area, president obama's scheduled to make a quick fund-raising visit tomorrow. today he spent a little time on the golf course. president clinton there. no word on what they discussed during their 18 holes. as for the fund-raising trip, if you want to meet the president when he visits, you'll need to cough up a fair am of money. his first stop will be at the home of the chairman of si men tech for a reception, the cost, $2,400 per person. but if you want to dine with the president, that costs more, $35,800 to be exact. for
in critical but stable condition. no arrests have been made. >>> bank robbers in michigan barrelled down the road, attempting to avoid police in a rental truck. the suspects weaved through traffic, tossing money from the truck as police pursued. officers retrieved some of the cash before ending the chase and arresting two men. >>> in the nation's capital in what looked like a scene from a hollywood action movie a team of specialists repelled down the washington monument wednesday to i spect the damage done to the 550-foot marble structure by last month's earthquake. they hope to announce a timetable by mid-october for repairing and reopening the monument. >>> and finally, in maryland, two pot-pellied pigs are no longer free to roam. the former house pets were collared in a park by animal control officers who feared the pigs were malnourished and in danger of being hurt. the animals are now living in a shelter until someone comes forward to adopt them. >>> for a look at your national and regional weather domenica davis from wnbc 4 new york. she has your forecast. good morning to you, dome
loses the straw poll in florida. romney won in michigan. do you think his candidacy is fading? >> i don't know. the pundits will tell you better than i. keep in mind, the press wants a battle, so they are going to knock down who is ahead or the woman behind. some of these candidates positions trouble me to not believe in science is just ridiculous. then to accuse perry of doing something wrong with a vaccine. he probably did what's right. to accuse romney of doing something wrong with health care in massachusetts. it's really the only change that has worked. they seem to be ahead at the moment. they both have things i agree with and things i don't agree with. >> has anything changed your view about the need for a third party and do you think it's viable in this leadership climate? >> a third party candidate is not a viable candidate. i'm not going to be one. if somebody wants to run, if it's going to get you on the ballot, it's good for democracy. the public tends to vote with one of the two major parties. >> will you endorse a candidate? >> probably not. i'm going to work with who ever
have three siblings. and they're -- >> reporter: yale, columbia -- >> michigan, stanford, a big deal. so it turns into how many degrees, you know, do you want to get? i got a job right now, i'm a little busy. >> reporter: and he wants to win the super bowl. >> it is still my goal here, you know, doing my best no matter what is expected of me. >> reporter: regardless, he's already a champion in the cause that matters most. jenna bush hager, nbc news, philadelphia. >>> that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. coming up next, "football night in america" followed by "sunday night football," the eagles and the falcons. brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac -- but i like having a lot more a lot more than having a lot less. and the more more i have, the more i like having more. and that's exactly what i get at embassy suites. more post-meeting celebrations, more complimentary drinks, more for my money... mmm, more bar snacks. ♪ more olives. definitely. i want so much m
damaging and dangerous. as for michigan itself, the unemployment rate there is 10.9%. that is well above the national average. president obama won that state handily back in 2008, and it is a must-win state for 2012. kate. >> kristen, a big jobs' speech coming up on thursday. have we got a preview yet of what will be in that? >> reporter: white house officials here say that the president was putting the finishing touches on that speech over the weekend. they say he wants it to be big and bold and aggressive. at the same time he has to be realistic because he has to get it through a republican-led house. however, we'll have to wait until thursday to see how bold he goes. if he gets a lot of push-back from congress, kate, we could see this speech become one of the principle parts of his platform in 2012. kate. >> kristen welker at the white house tonight. thank you. >>> while the president was talking jobs with supporters, the republicans who want to replace him took part in a candidate forum in south carolina. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me now from columbia. good evening, kelly. >> repor
the body of 59-year-old john wallace, the michigan native was mauled to death by a grizzly as he hiked alone. >> my brother absolutely loved the outdoors and worked in one of the national parks and loved to just hike in nature. >> reporter: in yellowstone's 140-year history, there's been only seven fatal bear attacks, but two have come just this summer. rangers are so concerned they have set traps to catch the bear. the trap is fairly simple, once the bait is inside, the bear walks in through the backdoor. once it reaches for the food, the bear trips the lever and then the gate slams shut. across the west, it's been a summer of vicious attacks. >> it bit down on my head. >> reporter: sam was hiking with friends just north of anchorage this summer when he was mauled by a grizzly. >> i kept saying i'm going to die, i'm going to die. >> the bears are real intent on feeding so you're more likely to have a close, surprise encounter with bears at this time of the year. >> reporter: although fatal attacks are rare, people are pushing limits infringing on bear territory. since 2000, there's be
at a walgreens in michigan. a gunman pulled the trigger of his gun three times, but his gun didn't go off. that's what the pharmacist pulled out his own gun while trying to call 911. >> i feared for my life and in self defense, i fired my weapon as i continued to move from him. >> no life was lost, no life was harmed, and nothing was stolen, so in that context, i think he was a hero. >> incredible. he does have a concealed weapons permit but didn't notify his supervis supervisor. he's suing walgreens for wrongful termination. >>> a litter of kittens could shine light on how to stop the aids virus from spreading. cells immune to f.i.v., feline immune virus. scientists injected a monkey virus and a fluorescent gene produced naturally in jelly fish. the combination built up a resistance factor in the animals. scientists hope the findings could lead to treatments and preventions in humans as well as cats. >>> henry joins us now from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. i think he'd be the best guy to watch a football game with. >> why? >> if your team is winning, he'd chest bump everyone. >> i don't kno
to help others could add years to your life. the new university of michigan stud dpi is the first research which shows volunteers motives can have a significant impact on life span. people who volunteer for their own personal satisfaction do not live any longer than nonvolunteers. >> time is 5:20. coming up a snag in the release of the two hikers in iran. what's holding up the the process this time? >>. >>> plus the teenager gets quite a catch. how he reeled in this gator coming up. >>> also, we'll take a look at netflix. oh, netflix. in trouble again coming up. >>> good morning, everybody. a live look at 880. traffic is picking up already. even though it's only 5:23. we'll check in with mike in a bit. >> slow going. another day, another delay. the lawyers for the two u.s. hikers held in prison in iran. the judge who was supposed to sign off on the bail arrangement today in court didn't bother to show up. the lawyer was told on sunday the judge would return from vacation by today and would sign the documents granting release but today the judge was a no show. baur and fattal have been in p
, former democratic governor of michigan jennifer granholm. republican strategist alex castellanos. white house correspondent for "the new york times." helene cooper. senior political analyst for "time" magazine, mark halperin.
, flint, michigan and skip down to number seven. there's san francisco. you are probably aware prop 65 requires them to warn you. you have to sign a release before you get it. there's a new research about cancer causing chemicals in the ink used in the tattoos. they've caused cancer in lab animals. however, there's concern about it. enough that the fda is investigating the long-term safety of getting a t ing ting . 45 million americans have done it. >> i'm not one. and thensome. still to come, the men pulled from under a burning car thanks his rescuers. plus, what he plans on doing now. >>> and new ways to save energy with gadget friday. brap we have fog in some spots. san jose is getting a clear start this morning. the fog is thickest in the santa cruz mountains. not bad on the the golden gate bridge. you can see both towers. the fog will get more on the dense side. then it's going to clear out. take a look at the future cast for this morning. as we can see the on shore flow continues. temperatures running four degrees cooler. but your future cast shows you by 10:00 a.m. clearing in t
of energy, the obama administration, now two republican congressmen, one from michigan and one from florida had been big critics long before they abruptly closed up shop. the heads of google and oracle ordered to meet in order to scathe off a trial. at question whether they stole ideas from oracle. they ordered to ceos to mediation. >>> here's an ultra geeky soap opera. will michael harrington show up for his own party today? he'll been dismissed from the popular tech blog in a messy power company with aol. if you're a certain geek level like me, waiting for arrington is high drama. >> i like the sound of of that. you're the geek. i'm the nerd. over to you. >> we love you both. 5:25 right now. still to come, an inside job. why police arrested two people after a standoff at an east bay office depot, including a store employee. >>> and we're tracking realtime thunderstorms rolling through the bay area. we'll show you where. plus we'llu plan the help you wardrobe for the week. >> and we're looking at the golden gate bridge. the fog will play an issue for your morning commute. also watching a
at yellowstone national park found a grizzly bear that may be the same one that killed a michigan hiker. park officials captured the grizzly bear yesterday near the site of the fatal attack. the grizzly was collared and released back into the park after they took hair samples. if it matches hair samples at the site of the attack, the bear will be tracked down and killed. autopsy results concluded the hiker died from injuries after he was mauled by a bear. >>> wildlife leaders are asking people who are worried about injured ducks in santa clara to leave their rescue to the professionals. as we first told you wednesday, someone shot several ducks with blow darts. one was shot five times and died. two others were shot through the wing. one was shot through a beak. a good samaritan saved the one with a dart through its face but in the process that dart became entangled in a net and was pulled out. the bird could have been injured worse in the process. wildlife officials urge anyone who sees an injured animal anywhere in the bay area to call in a professional so the helping doesn't end up hurting
administration will be involved. two republican congressmen. one from michigan. one from florida have been big critics of the federal government's loans to solyndra. that criticism came long before solyndra closed up shop. a federal judge ordered the heads of google and oracle to meet in order to scathe off a trial. the judge ordered them to mediation. here's a big question if you have a certain geek factor. will tech crunch founder michael arrington show up for his own party? called tech crunch disrupt in san francisco. arrington has been dismissed from the popular tech blog in a messy power struggle, john, with parent company aol that made everybody look very foolish. so this morning tech crunch disrupt is under way. arrington is not supposed to be there. he may well be. we'll found out and bring you the latest tomorrow. >>> still to come, a suspect gets away from police after a wild chase. who the chp is looking for now. >>> and the suspect in the death of a nursing student expected to enter her plea today. we'll have a live report coming up. >>> and we have a very unstable air mass over th
, michigan. >> nice to meet you, john. i bet you remember my dad, don't you? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: analysts say the surprise result means gop voters could be sending a signal. >> so there's so many republican primary voters in the key states still looking for somebody for another choice. somebody shaets not mitt romney and rick perry, and that means there's an opening for someone else to come in. >> reporter: a wild card in the race, more washington dysfunction. even as disaster victims still struggle to recover, the agency that aids them, fema, is now caught in a partisan funding fight. unless congress can agree, funds run out at midweek. the larger government wide shutdown is looming friday. analysts say the gridlock could hurt republicans next year. >> should the republican party once it has a nominee, will it be a party that can still win the middle, take independent voters away from president obama, keep the majority in the congress, and also win the white house in fall of 2012. >> cain won that by 22 points. he had 37%. rick perry, 15%. mitt romney, won behind that in the fl
and freeze advisories, and warnings for the northern part of michigan, as well as new england. so protect those plants. this morning as well as tomorrow morning. high pressure dominates in much of new england. cooler temperatures. slight risk for severe weather for sections of the south plains. that's a >> good morning. we're seeing a cool start here on this saturday morning with patchy low clouds and mist possible in a few areas and around lunchtime we'll see sunshine inland and temperatures for the afternoon running warmer. an even spread of 70s to some mid 80s further inland out toward the east bay and down toward morgan hill. 78 in san jose. 70 in oakland. you can see as we wrap up the weekend and head into the beginning of next week, temperatures climbing into the 90s again for our inland valleys. that's your saturday forecast. amy. >> scott, thank you. still to come on today, scorched earth. the devastating drought in texas, that is next. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sa
of northern wisconsin on into the u.p. of michigan. rip currents due to tropical storm maria. problem up and down the eastern seaboard and the heat continues in the pacific northwest all the way down into the southern california coast. >>> good morning to you. taking a live look at san francisco. you can see the golden gate bridge clearly here this morning. and a little shake to the camera. we have winds tout there. watch out if you drive a high profile vehicle. it's gusty out there this morning. we will see a few isolated thunderstorm throughout the afternoon in if east bay mountainous area. 84 in fairfield. 81 in san jose. kind of a roller coaster ride this week. we're going to drop to the 70s midweek and warm back up for the weekend. . >> savannah? >> it was all captured on surveillance video and john yang is in benton harbor, michigan, with details. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. s the walgreen's where it all happened where jeremy hovan did stop that attempted armed robbery. some hailed him as a hero but walgreen's fired him. now he is making a federa
to the university of michigan. >> do you give credit for a.p. test scores? >> reporter: a walk around the ivy colored walls. this is how schools like the university of michigan put their best foot forward to attract new students. >> this area is called the diad. >> reporter: from the cafeteria food to the dorm rooms. >> this is your pretty average size student double. >> reporter: it's a full blown sales job, start to finish. >> see this big building here the michigan student union. >> reporter: first impressions generally come from school websites which offer the basics on how many students are enrolled, what type of specialty is offered and social activities, and the big one for parents, how much does it cost? how much of a factor is financial aid, scholarship, all of those money decisions? >> well, it's huge certainly, needs-based scholarships and academic scholarships certainly play a big part in any decision. >> reporter: to narrow is down students and their families visit an average of three or four schools. >> there's college students walking around and it just feels like a campus. >>
that. >> a great family destination. >> one of my favorite places is michigan. >> also one of my favorite places as well. and the upper peninsula is known for its wildlife. it's a bit of a distance away, it's about six hours' drive. but it's surrounded by all sorts of lakes and rivers. you can see some of them there, lake michigan, lake huron. >> and it's fresh water, it's just glorious. >> and you've been there. >> yes. it's the best-kept secret in america. >> you can stay at the sand hills lighthouse inn. it dates to 1917, not only can you have coastal views, but you can see the amazing changing colors. it's actually known for its mushrooms, we wouldn't recommend you go forging on your own. but if you bring an expert along. that's something new and exciting and you can see the amazing colors. >> new mexico isn't a place i think about when you think about the leaves changing, but it's a good spot. >> you wouldn't think of the southwest as a place to see fall foliage. but if you start in taos and do this amazing drive and do the enchanted circle scenic byway loop, it's an amazing
warnings throughout much of minnesota, the dakotas to michigan. frost advisories into iowa. look at these temperatures. 26 degrees in international falls, 43 chicago, 39 pierre, look at these temperatures that we had. that was yesterday. 100s and 90s through the gulf coasts, 40 and 50s through the plains. today the 40s and 50s come into the central plains, only 90s and 80s along the gulf. as we move into tomorrow you can see that cool air making its way from the great lakes into the northeast with 40s and 50s. 70s and 80s and 60s into the central plains. even down into texas. temperatures below where they should be this time of year. that's what's going on aroun >>> we're going to see an unseasonably cool day across the bay area today. 58 in concord. 59 in hayward. 55 in san francisco. overall anywhere between 1 to 5 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. you'll notice the front door. cool air pushing into the bay area throughout the day. that's going to keep your temperatures way down. saw a ten-degree dropoff from yesterday. we'll up more for the weekend. sava >> al, thankyo
's michigan straw poll. a state romney once called home. >> rick perry. >> reporter: perry's loss in florida is being blamed on his poor debate showing last week both in substance and style after his impassioned defense of providing children of illegal immigrants tuition breaks at texas state universities. >> but if you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they've been brought there by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> reporter: conservatives also worry about his seeming inability to effectively attack romney. >> was before he was before the social programs from the standpoint of he was for standing up for roe versus wade, before he was against roe versus wade. >> i think rick perry is not prepared for this pressure of the presidential stage yet. >> perry's got to perform better. >> these are very weak front-runners. >> reporter: in a sure sign that his debate performance is being noticed, he was even spoofed on "saturday night live." >> was it he was before he was before? was he was -- he was before -- border c
the lord be with you. and robert lachance of clinton township, michigan. 100 years old. proudly served in the u.s. navy, seaman here, and we wish him a very happy 100th birthday. good man. good man. god bless the navy. here is mary chavis, of opelousas, louisiana, 100 years old today, still lives independently and loves to listen to good music on her radio. and i guess she's got a stereo. how old am i? what do they call them? anyway, mary mitchell. bangs, texas, 101 years old. good longevity and attributes it to facing each day with a smile and looking after her friends. can't do better than that. glenn and ann schmidt of champaign, illinois, 75 years they've been married, still very much in love. ooh. cupid, you did a good job. and they love to have friends over for dinner. that's it. that's all. now back to new york. >> all right, willard. thanks. >>> just ahead, with mortgage rates at all-time lows should you look to refinance or not? but first, your loca anel ndws o >>> good morning, everyone. time now is 8:26. i'm jon kelley. the family of missing nursing student michelle le is no
and richard can go enjoy that. >> our next lady is dawn casella, 44 from detroit, michigan. she never gets her hair cut because she can't find a style she likes. she was so grateful when we ambushed her on the plaza, let's listen to her story. >> we noticed dawn because of the three p's, the pink, the perm-like hair and the poof. are you ready for your mom to get a makeover? >> yes. i want her to look way cooler. >> do you want to look way cooler? >> i sure do. >> we are going to give you a new york city glam makeover. and i think we're going to ditch -- i went to the university of michigan, all the detroit gear. is that okay? >> that will be fine. >> all right. she is here with her husband, michael and her two adorable children, lizzie and nicholas. keep the blinds on. one last look at dawn before. let's bring her out now. >> woo! [ cheers and applause ] oh, my gosh. >> all right. guys, ready to take them off? take a look. >> does she look way cool? >> oh, my gosh. >> she looks way cool. >> that's fantastic! >> dawn, turn around. see what they're talking about. >> did you know you were a redh
are you from? >> from chicago. >> cara, grand rapids, michigan. sherry. >> i'm just here for the ride. >> let's get a check off your weather on this saturday, of course, as we talk about the forecast we're going to keep some fog as well as showers in the forecast. eastern sections of the carolinas, the mid-atlantic and that upper level low will churn around the great lakes giving cloud cover cooler temperatures. but a ridge in the west will keep things really warm in the 80s as well as 90s. so for tomorrow, you'll want to keep that rain gear handy, as well. that's a look at >>> an interesting start to this first weekend of fall. we had a few still seeing isolated rain showers aroundhe allty ma pass in livermore, un earlier around san jose and still a slight chance the coastal range might have an isolated shower. all the clouds you see offshore, that's headed our way for tomorrow. today, partly cloudy, cooler temperatures. 70s, 80 sz inland. 60s around the inner bay. tomorrow, good chance of rain for the north bay. temperatures quickly rebound as we warm up for the first half of the ne
at a michigan game. this guy said i looked over and then it happened. and that was it. it's way down the road in your life, but come on. >> i can do it right now. >> if i didn't do my roots, i would look exactly like that. >> i could see you both throwing it back in a tighter outfit. >> we certainly don't judge others, do we, honey? >> of course not. >>> what's coming up? >> we've got star power in the house. so funny, our girl whitney is here. and dean cain. >> wow. something is going on there. >> what is happening over there? >> what are you doing? >> jill martin will take your summer wardrobe into fall. >> and hairstyles for your kids. >> you will not dsarbrt these hearbraids. >> that's after your local news. >>> a very good morning everybody. the time 10:26. i'm jon kelley. bryan stow's family is reporting major progress in his recovery. they stay stow talked to speech thashts yesterday and able to tell them his name and children's name and birthday. then he said he would like to see his kids in person after he was presented a picture of them. that's great news. more than one year after
. >> that man is from the great city of grand rapids, michigan. which nfl football team did frank gifford play for? the new york giant, san diego chargers, new york jets or cleveland browns. >> new york giants. >> yeah, baby, you would have gotten hurt if you didn't get that right. >> the legend frank gifford. >> did you than when he started playing offense and defense -- >> look at that picture. let's look at frank. just look at frank gifford. oh, wow! >> he went to eight pro bowls and appeared in five nfl championship games. he was a legend. amazing. >> back across to kath. especially when he furls his mouth like that. >> this lady is from california. who is the highest paid player in the nfl? eli manning, frank gore. who's he? michael vick or peyton manning. >> michael vick? >> does it have to be so loud and rude? michael vick is about to get a big contract or just did, but no, so sorry. you'll love my record. >> it is peyton manning. how much is he making? >> 23 million. michael vick is making a mere 60 million. >> how will they make it? how will they survive. the nfl season kicks off with
to know that. >> your family left grand rapids, michigan, and moved to los angeles, i read, because you wanted to be an actor. you're a very closeknit family. that had to be a huge decision for your parents. you're the highest paid actor in the teenage years. >> really? >> did you know that? >> i did not know that. oh, boy. >> it worked out well, is my point. >> i'm very thankful, very fortunate. i wouldn't be sitting here without the support of my family and friends, a lot of people. i'm having the time of my life. >> we wish you great luck with this movie. if things don't work out with lilly collins, cassidy gifford is available. >> you can catch the movie near a theater near you today. >> next, ambush makeovers. would be easy without gravity. with olay challenge that. regenerist day and night duo. the uv lotion helps protect skin and firms during the day. the cream hydrates to firm at night. gravity doesn't stand a chance. regenerist, from olay. >>> we are back on this try day friday. it's time for today's plaza ambush makeover. we surprise them with a beautiful brand-new look. >> he
, michigan, 77 years they've been married. also it's bill's birthday. they still live in the same house that they started out in and they are crazy about each other. and we have lonnie and jesse mabrey of cookeville, tennessee. 80 years they have been married. and they live independently and both attribute their longevity to just plain loving each other. that's it, that's all. now, back to the big apple. >> willard, thanks. >> thanks, willard. >> we've got a couple of big and interesting interviews over the next couple of days. tomorrow on "today" we'll have an exclusive interview with siena miller, her first about being a victim of the phone-hacking scandal in britain. she talks very candidly about the toll she says it has taken on her life, her friendships and her career. >>> and on friday, we've got charlie sheen, speaking out about the episode in his life that ended with him losing his job on one of the most successful sitcoms in television. matt sat down with him. we'll have that interview on friday. >> you get the sense after talking to charlie, that he has some regrets. there's n
. >> again, our ten finalists, alia from michigan. >> very cute. beautiful. >> look at the twins! william and harrison from georgia. >> double your fun. >> come on. adorable. that counts as one, by the way. abby from new york. and look at andre. >> oh, look at andre. he loves dad. >> he sure does. >> good boy. >> and we have berkeley. gosh, looks like a grown-up. she's a grown woman. >> she's ready for the big screen. >> she is. >> oh, come on. >> coen. >> i could die. could you not die? he does look like he should be delivering the newspaper. you guys, those are our ten finalists. here's the deal. starting today, you are going to go on our facebook page and vote. you're going to pick of the ten we have to narrow it down sadly to five. those five are going to come here on the "today" show and they're going to be part of a modeling segment for little babies. >> baby models. very nice. >> we're going to pay for the trip and all that. i want to give a shout out. last night i went to this thing called women's night out. albany, new york. a great breast cancer event at the ellis medicine found
. the u.p. of michigan will see heavy rain as well. rest of the country plenty of sunshine through the southwest, 103 in phoenix, beautiful day in the pacific northwest, sunshine in seattle, 72, slight risk of strong storms through the central great lakes and we've got more showers through the southeast as well today. that's what's going on around >>> good thursday morning to you. yeah, the fog is back in the city by the bay. but that's going to serve as your natural cooling. temperatures dropping by a degrees from yesterday's highs. 80 in fremont. 85 in san jose. 73 in san francisco. everything starts to change as we head through the weekend. cool, cloudy weather moves in. rain arrives monday, tuesday, wednesday er ction is b held in a courtroom a short distance from where i'm standing. her fate could be decided as early as this weekend or early next week. it will be a much anticipated conclusion to a case that's generated headlines and enormous curiosity all around the world. amanda knox entered court this morning like so many times before, but it could be all over soon. she's in
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